Relaxed Organic Eateries, Historic Villages Steeped in heritage, Brisk Mountain Air, Majestic Scenic views… Welcome you to live and work in the Blue Mountains

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Jobs Blue Mountains aim is to partner individuals that truly appreciate the value of the Blue Mountains lifestyle with a satisfying and fulfilling career path. To make this possible a group of like-minded business owners have banded together to come up with a range of quality job offers to ensure there is a career match for you.

Please contact us on the details below, or click to view the available job offers as well as the local mountain businesses that are participating in Blue Mountain Jobs to make your dream career come true.

Find out why more than 15,000 people live and work in the Blue Mountains

Located only 50 minutes drive from Sydney, the Blue Mountains gives you that relaxed family atmosphere, whilst still providing the necessary services and entertainments.

Each Blue Mountains village is steep in its unique heritage just waiting to be discovered… boutiques, eateries, and more.

Invigorating and healing, the Blue Mountains Fresh air, energising bushwalks, mountain bike rides and breathtaking scenic views, are enjoyed by all who live and work local

The Benefits of living in the Blue Mountains

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